Arithmetic, Not Love Jihad, Explains BJP’s Reverses

Over the last few weeks, the newly anointed BJP president, Amit Shah, has been the recipient of unsolicited and incessant sermonising from pundits of civil society about the reasons for the BJP’s lacklustre performance in the recent by-elections. There is unprecedented unanimity among political observers that the BJP’s straying from the theme of development in … Continued

Modi is right, Maharashtra Is India’s Second-Most Communally Troubled State

Addressing an election rally in the state, Modi said after Uttar Pradesh, the maximum communal riots occur in Maharashtra.   A Fact Check based on data collated from replies in Lok Sabha proves Modi right. IndiaSpend had earlier reported Maharashtra’s number two position last year during the clashes in Jammu & Kashmir.   “While the number of communal clashes declined from 2009 till 2011, it escalated again … Continued

Bundelkhand Farm Loans: Deadlier Than Home Loans

(“Villages in Bundelkhand are poor, hot and dry. Farmers depend mainly on rainfall, which has been unpredictable for more than five years”)   Banda (Uttar Pradesh): Almost a year ago, Congress scion Rahul Gandhi said that one of India’s poorest, most suicide-prone regions at the nation’s heart, Bundelkhand, had the potential to become Bangalore.   Yet, in … Continued

Needed For Indian Schools: Students & Teachers

  The good news for Indian primary school education is that larger Indian states like Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh are now building adequate infrastructure for primary and secondary schools.   The bad news is that access to schools is still a major challenge for children as is the availability of teachers, acute in states … Continued

Weekly Wrap: Look Carefully Where India’s Young Voters Are

  [Report] Look Carefully Where India’s Young Voters Are   Did India’s first-time voters really deliver in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections?The answer is no but there is another angle for the new Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led Government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi to consider: states with relatively low development (defined below) also have a … Continued

Rural India Continues To Outvote Urban India

  In one of our pre-election reports, we looked at 20 most rural and urban constituencies to understand voting patterns.   We also looked at the difference in percentage points in the highest and lowest rural and urban voter participation.   The 2014 elections saw a record voter turnout of 66% as against 58% in … Continued

How Many Murderers Are We Electing To Parliament?

India has a large proportion of criminals in politics who also get elected through the democratic process.   The latest statistics following the recent Lok Sabha elections stand like this: there are 186 Members of Parliament (MPs) who have criminal cases against them, nearly 34% of the total elected MPs. This number is the highest … Continued

Women Outvoted Men in 16 States/UTs

More women are turning out to vote, mostly to elect men it would appear. While there are only 61 women Members of Parliament in the 16th Lok Sabha, women voters turned out in large numbers across the country to exercise their franchise in the just concluded parliamentary elections.   Over 260 million women voters exercised … Continued