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Compared to other countries, India is running fewer tests.

For every 100 tests conducted, fewer tests in India are showing positive compared to other countries.

By March 24, 22,694 samples from 21,804 individuals had been tested for COVID-19, as per the Indian Council of Medical Research. Close to 41.5% (9,409) of these tests were conducted between March 20-24 at an average of nearly 1,882 tests per day.

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Coronavirus Monitor is tracking all confirmed cases in India, deaths due to COVID-19, as well as patients discharged after treatment and/or considered cured. For now, we are using updates from the central health ministry. Our database: https://corona.health-check.in/

The Coronavirus Monitor is also listing test centres for COVID 19, based on ICMR updates. As of Mar 21, when location-wise data were last released, India had 75 test centres. We will update the map when more centres are added: https://corona.health-check.in/testing-centres

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