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Why Trade Unions Are Opposing Labour Law Reforms

Bengaluru: As 10 central trade unions prepare for a nationwide strike on January 8, the proposed Ind...

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Waterlogged streets and overflowing drains brought India’s financial capital, which is home to 18.4 million, to a standstill, as the island city received 138 mm of rainfall while the suburbs received 375.2 mm in 24 hours to 8.30 am on July 2, 2019--second-highest in 45 years. Mumbai’s stormwater drainage system, a century old, is equipped to handle 25 mm of rain per hour; the suburbs can handle 50 mm per hour. The city along with other parts of the country located on the Western Ghats and Central India are increasingly becoming prone to heavy intensity rainfall. And the cities located in these regions will have to work on their infrastructure to avoid damages.

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