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BJP-Ruled Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan Swing To Congress; Madhya Pradesh Close Call

Mumbai: The Indian National Congress (Congress) is set to emerge as the single largest party in two ...

India Not On Track To Reach 2025 Nutrition Targets Or Achieve Zero Hunger By 2030

Bangkok: Increased food security and access has led to fewer malnourished and anaemic Indians in 201...

India Can Save 3 Times Its GDP By Scaling Up Climate Goals, But Historical Emitters Must Pay

New Delhi: India can save three times its gross domestic product (GDP) and help the world save a mil...

Clean Air Could Increase Life Expectancy of Indians By 1.7 Years

New Delhi: If Indians had cleaner air to breathe, their average life expectancy would increase by 1....

‘2019 Is An Election To Save The Republic.’ A Young Political Party Abjures A Personality Cult In The Forthcoming Battle

Mumbai: In late November 2018, amid rising agrarian distress, thousands of farmers from nearly 200 o...

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As India has become wealthier, more of its citizens are leaving its shores: 17 million Indians were living abroad in 2017, making India the largest source country for international migrants globally, up from 7 million in 1990, according to United Nations data. Over the same period, India’s per capita income increased by 522%, providing more people the means to travel abroad in search of employment opportunities.

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‘India Will Achieve Climate Change Targets A Decade Ahead Of Deadline’


Led by Odisha, India Reduces Malaria Cases By 3 Million