Work with Us

Visual Journalism Fellow (Three months)

We are looking for a Visual Journalism Fellow who can:

  • Produce data visuals for our stories. This would need an understanding of numbers, maps, statistical data and basic mathematical functions, intersecting with graphic and information design.
  • Produce graphics for our publishing cycle, for the website and for our various social media handles. This entails having a basic understanding of stock aesthetics in terms of graphics and images, and some photo editing as well.

We are looking for someone with 3-4 years of experience. You should be adept at graphic and information design, and have basic web-design and frontend knowledge. An experience or background in journalism or social sciences is preferred, but not strictly essential.

Skills required:

  • Data sheets on Google Sheets and/or Excel
  • Graphic design software, namely Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Data visualisation software such as Infogram, Tableau, Flourish, Datawrapper, and an elementary understanding of GIS mapping
  • Working with SVG graphics and various vector media formats

This fellowship is for a period of three months. Write to us at, mentioning the designation in the subject line. We encourage candidates from marginalised castes, religions and gender backgrounds to apply.

Freelance Opportunities: We are constantly looking to work with economists, sociologists, political scientists, and other experts and data visualisers with a technology and/or graphic design leaning.

Internships: We are inviting fresh applications for 2023. Please send your CV and examples of previous work.

Send in your CVs to