COVID-19 cases in Delhi and Mumbai, two of the most populated cities in India, show a different picture of the growth of the disease and underscore the variations across India.

On March 20, Delhi had 20 confirmed cases of COVID-19 while Mumbai had 21, data from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare show. By April 28, cases in Delhi had risen to 3,314 while in Mumbai they had risen to 5,982.

In Mumbai, with a population of approximately 12.6 million, 471 of every million people had been detected positive, while in Delhi, with a population of about 19.5 million, 169 per million were positive for COVID-19.

The death rate per million was four in Delhi while it was 19 in Mumbai, as of April 28, the data show. Of all COVID-19 patients, 1.6% had died in Delhi, while 4% had died in Mumbai.