As India completes the first week of the extended lockdown, the country reported its highest single-day increase, at 1,540, per the health ministry's update. India now has 17,656 confirmed cases.

At 540, India has also reported its highest increase in COVID-19 recoveries in a single day, on April 20. This is almost double the previous highest of 287 reported on April 19. India has reported an average single day increase of 332 recoveries in the last four days to April 20.

Delhi, which has 2,003 COVID-19 cases--the second most after Maharashtra (4,203)--has reported 218 new recoveries, its highest ever. It now has 1,668 active cases. Delhi is testing 1,330 people per million--the highest nationwide. India has reported 2842 recoveries. At 40, the country also reported its second highest number of deaths. 559 patients have succumbed to the disease.

(Compiled by Shreehari Paliath)