Rukmini S., who in a series of stories investigated the excess mortality during the Covid-19 pandemic, won the prestigious, international data journalism award at the Sigma Awards in April 2022.

In April again, Shreya Raman’s story on gaps in data around India’s transgender persons won the Likho Award given by The Humsafar Trust, recognising exemplary works by the media in India that have a fair and inclusive representation of the LGBTQ+ community​​.

In June, IndiaSpend writer Shreya Khaitan won the Reach Media Award for Reporting on TB for her story on the dual burden of TB and Covid-19 cases.

In November, IndiaSpend received four Laadli Media Awards for Gender Sensitivity:

  • IndiaSpend reporter Shreya Raman, along with Khabar Lahariya contributor Geeeta Devi, won an award for her story on how women farmers were further marginalised after the Covid-induced reverse migration brought men back to the villages, who took up even the low-paying farm jobs that the women had.
  • IndiaSpend reporter Sadhika Tiwari received the award for her Hindi story on lack of access to maternal and neonatal care for female labourers in West Bengal’s tea gardens.
  • IndiaSpend contributor Riddhi Dastidar won an award for her story, part of a special series, on the challenges faced by women with #schizophrenia at the workplace.
  • IndiaSpend contributor Saurabh Duggal won the ‘best web documentary’ award for his video story on the challenges faced by sportswomen in a world of patriarchy, crimes against women and societal restrictions on women’s freedom.