In a little over 50 days since the Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) started its donation drive, it has now collected over Rs 7.7 crore as of latest data reported on aapdonationtrends from 39,705 donors across 89 countries. While a large chunk of this donation has been received from India (Rs 5.9 crore), a significant amount has also come from countries like the US (Rs 65 lakhs), UAE (Rs 26 Lakhs), Singapore (Rs 19.9 lakhs) and the UK (Rs 16 lakhs).

However, the current amount is obviously a drop in the ocean for the party which plans to record donations of upto Rs 200 crore for it to be able to finance and contest the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The party is planning to crowd source a large part of its financial target through an art auction and cashless donations via mobile telephony, reported the Economic Times.

View the chart below to see the share of money raised by the party from top countries.

The highest contribution the party has received so far is from Shanti Bhushan, a former law minister and an eminent lawyer. who has donated a total of Rs 2 crore to the party. While he had contributed Rs 1 crore when the party was formed in November 2012, he donated another Rs 1 crore a while back.