The Finance Ministry, Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution get the highest share of the union budget allocations this year.

In the Ministry of Finance allocated Rs 427011.38 crore towards interest payments, which was a 12% increase over last year. And 23778.00 crore towards pensions, an increase of 9% over last year.

The Defence ministry allocates funds towards the armed forces maintenance, pensions, welfare and research and development thereof.

The 3rd ministry in this budget was the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution. Under this ministry, food subsidies got an allocation of Rs 115000 crore.

The Ministry of Rural Development came into the top 10 club this time. This was because of a 35% increase in the allocation. The Department of Rural development got Rs 20737.68 Crore more than the last year. PMGSY got a jump of 14,389 crore rupees.

Ministry of Human Resource Development got a leap of 8149.8 crore for both departments of higher education as well as school education and literacy.

In the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, the Department of Fertilizers got 99% of the allocation.

And the largest share of the ministry of home affairs goes to the police department- almost 90%.

Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, largest chunk of Rs 59836.95 crore out of Rs 85566.13 crore goes towards Compensation to Oil Companies for under recoveries on account of sale of sensitive petroleum products. This figured has been decreasing in successive budgets, though.

The 9th position goes to the Ministry of health and family welfare. Here, Rs 35163.00 has been allocated to health and family welfare and out of that, Rs 21912.00 crore has been set aside for the National Health Mission.

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is the last one amongst the top ministries. National Highways Authority of India got Rs 24013 crore.

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