A recent report that entailed an analysis of traffic congestion in 403 cities in 56 countries in the world concluded that Mumbai has the most traffic in the world. At number 4, New Delhi also falls under the top 5 cities globally with highest traffic congestion.

Between 1971-2016, Maharashtra’s vehicle population increased a whopping 9077%. Mumbai alone had 3.03 million vehicles in 2017 according to the latest data available with the Mumbai transport department.

On average, Mumbaikars spend more time stuck in traffic than driving. During peak hours, a person spends over an hour to complete a 30 minute trip. Drivers spend 102% more time in jams in evening peak hours.

It’s not just Mumbai - traffic congestion has increased globally in the past decade. Worldwide, Lima in Peru recorded the highest increase in congestion- an 8% spike in 2017.

Globally, Jakarta has made a huge improvement in reducing its traffic congestion. Since 2017, Jakarta’s congestion has decreased by 8%

Last year , Mumbai recorded the least traffic bottlenecks on March 2nd - the festival of Holi