Fisheries Department will avail Rs 10 crore funds from NABARD to implement a master plan through the Fish Development Agency for fisheries development, officials said.

Fisheries department officials said they would utilise the funds to construct fish tanks in the Lower Bhavani Project Reservoir at Bhavanisagar. Larvae would be nurtured and released into the dam to improve yield. Already about 300 tons of fish are available each year, they said.

Usually larvae of various types of fish like Jilabe,rogu, katla are released in the dam in June-July when there is inflow after seasonal rains. After the fish mature it is auctioned through contractors fixed by the department.

The fisheries department already has some tanks near the dam site, with 30 lakh larvae. New tanks are being constructed to increase the number to 50 lakh, they said, adding research on fish is also undertaken here.

Source: PTI

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