As the world continues to search for the missing Malaysian airplane MH-370, IndiaSpend decided to do a analysis of the worst airplane accidents in Asia, as per data compiled by Aviation Safety Network.

The red buttons on the map show the location of the air accidents and are clickable. The data has been sorted by the number of fatalities i.e. highest deaths.

Instructions on how to use the map above.

To see the map properly, you can use the “Full Screen” option.You can use the zoom controls on the extreme top right hand side to magnify the map to get city-wise details. The red dots are positioned in a chronological order to show which place had the highest number of fatalities.

There is also an option to use the Play (>) button by which the map will show you all the locations.

Data is of the list of the 10 worst aviation occurrences (including criminal occurrences), excluding ground fatalities, including collision fatalities. Source: Aviation Safety Network