COPD killed more Indians (958,594) than diabetes, malaria, tuberculosis and breast cancer combined in 2017, rising from the eighth-leading cause of death in India to the second over 26 years. Yet it is a poorly understood & managed disease: late diagnosis kills thousands. What can India do to save lives?

As a development consultant to nonprofits and the government, Raj Iyer was used to a life on the move, travelling at least 14 days a month. But for more than a decade, his life has shrunk to a room. His slow decline came from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), an incurable, degenerative disease that most Indians do not know they have until it is too late.

A Man, his oxygen tank and India’s growing spectre Of death - We bring you the story of a nation plagued by toxic air and possessed by a dangerous habit, which changed the life of consultant Raj Iyer, 69, a man being slowly consumed by this little-known disease that kills more Indians than ever before.