The Ministry of Agriculture, in March 2011, released guidelines for spending Rs 300 crore in implementing an urban Vegetable Initiative aimed at providing India’s middle classes more locally grown vegetables. Nine months on, ISPR’sSourjya Bhowmick does a status check on how much progress has been made in this interesting initiative

When launched then, the Agriculture Ministry defined the objective as being one to ‘set in motion a virtuous cycle of production and income for farmers and assured supply for consumers’.

The programme was launched in urban centres, which have a population of 1,000,000. Efforts outlined included organising vegetable growers into associations, figuring the processing and sorting to post-harvest management.

ISPR Foundation filed a Right To Information (RTI) petition seeking details regarding the progress of the Vegetable Initiative and the money spent for the last six to seven months ie from inception till now. Read more