We have a possibly morbid but continuing interest in the affairs of Delhi’s Tihar Jail, now home to many of India’s rich and famous. In an earlier newsletter, we showed how the prison’s woman population (547) was substantial enough to put a question mark on DMK leader’s Kanimozhi’s bail application on the grounds that she had to spend time with her son. She is under trial on charges of corruption in the 2G telecom scandal.

Well, we pointed out, some 547 others could claim the same privilege of wanting to spend some time with their families, many presumably including children.

We also discovered in the Tihar Jail’s annual 2011 review that 6 of 9 jails (8 and 9 are clubbed together) have cell phone jammers installed while work was on in the rest.

3G Networks Too

We don’t know which as of now and whether the job has since been completed. Interestingly, the review says the jammers were upgraded to jam 3G networks too. Just as well. Last heard, a few inmates (we all know of) wanted to use their iPads to stay updated with their cases.

This bit of information is a little unrelated but we couldn't resist pointing out: Kanimozhi’s official biography lists her as a politician, poet and journalist who has (among other things) organised Tamil folk art festivals and scripted a dance-drama. Indeed.