Lt.Gen. Shailesh Tinaikar from India will now command the latest UN Mission in South Sudan. He will head over 16000 global peacekeepers including 2,315 from India.

India is the 4th largest contributor of troops to UN's global peace efforts. 6319 Indian Peacekeepers work with the UN. Globally, over 88000 troops from 124 countries serve as peacekeepers

Since its first peacekeeping mission in Korea, India has deployed 2.3 lakh troops and 15 force Commanders for various UN Missions. Even Indian Women Peace-Keepers have distinguished themselves. Nine rotations of Indian all female peace units were deployed in Liberia's public order management between 2007-2016.

India has lost more personnel in peacekeeping missions than any other country. So far, 165 Indian Peacekeepers have died in service of the United Nations. For its efforts the UN pays India for its troops, police force and equipment. As of April 2019, the UN owes India $91 million.