Andhra Pradesh has bettered its health indicators than any other state in India since 2016. Nipping at Kerala's heels, Andhra has achieved 100% immunisation coverage.

Although Kerala’s overall health performance declined by 2.5 points, compared to 2016. It still the top performer on the Health Index of the Niti Aayog.

Neonatal mortality is the death of a child within a month of birth. Kerala and Tamil Nadu have significantly reduced neonatal mortality.
At 60%, Odisha showed a 25% decline in terms of full immunization coverage. The worst decline in Immunization Coverage among larger states

Among large states Uttar Pradesh performed the worst. Its TB indicators have plummeted on notifying new cases and treatment success. Among smaller states Mizoram fared the best in terms of health. The Union Territory with the highest health performance was Chandigarh

Maharashtra, TamilNadu, Punjab & Kerala have the least Under 5 Mortality Rate with less than 25 deaths per every 1000 children born alive.