The donation drive by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) touched a milestone as total collections crossed the Rs 30 crore mark. The donation drive was started on 12th December, 2013.

We decided to do a quick visualization of the 116 countries from where AAP has received donations. (see map)

A significant chunk of this Rs 30 crore is from 12,821 NRIs who donated almost Rs 9.24 crore to their cause.

And it is not a surprise that India ranks at the top with total donations of Rs 21.08 crore (approx) constituting 69% of the total donations so far.

Untied States was the second largest donor with a total sum of Rs 3.4 crore from 4,727 donors. Donations from the UAE stood at Rs 1.23 crore followed by Hong Kong at Rs 85 lakh.

Countries with the lowest donations were Kyrgyzstan (Rs 10), Nepal (Rs 51) and Monaco (Rs 201).