What is the history behind the origin of the moon? How did it evolve into the body we know today? And is there water on it?
These are questions India’s second moon mission hopes to answer.

The launch on July 22nd will be Indian Space agency ISRO’s 2nd attempt after the first was aborted on 16th July due to a technical glitch. Chandrayaan 2 as the Mission is called aims to explore the moon’s south polar region - an area no country has explored.

More exciting also because India’s first moon mission found the presence of water molecules on the lunar surface. Mapping the South Polar region could corroborate the earlier finding. ISRO also hopes to acquire fossil records that will give us a peek into the early solar system.

The unmanned spacecraft will take off from Sriharikota in India’s east coast. Chandrayaan-2 is also the first Indian mission headed by women.