Wine, Whatsapp, Women And Subrahmanya’s Statistics

The town of Subrahmanya in southern Karnataka   The suspension of two college girls in a prosperous, highly literate small town showcases India’s struggles with female independence and offers some clues to their low workplace presence.   The photograph that stirred the small, temple town of Subrahmanya in lush, prosperous coastal Karnataka this week is … Continued

Indian Swine-Flu Virus Reveals Dangerous, New Mutation

  A potentially virulent and distinct strain of the swine-flu virus that continues to kill and panic people appears to have taken hold in India, a new study conducted by scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has found.   This is contrary to a recent Indian assertion that no mutations were found in the … Continued

100% Wrong: Rural Medical Staff Make Diarrhoea Life-Threatening

  More than 90% of treatments for childhood diarrhoea and pneumonia–the leading causes of death among Indian children–are incorrect, a new study has said.   Instead, largely unqualified medical practitioners, unfamiliar with relatively simple life-saving medications, prescribe antibiotics and other potentially harmful drugs, said the study, published recently in JAMA Pediatrics (JAMA stands for Journal … Continued

5 Factors That Decided Haryana, Maharashtra Elections

  (BJP president Amit Shah with party workers in New Delhi after the announcement of the results of Haryana and Maharashtra.)   What messages did the voters of Haryana and Maharashtra send out? From the election results of October 19, 2014, here are five of the most important factors in their decision:   1. The … Continued