9 Reasons India’s Rising Credit-Card Debt Should Worry You

  The rise in credit card outstandings in itself is not so much of a worry as much as two accompanying factors.   First, industrial credit–or loans made to businesses or corporations–is not keeping pace and history shows that it usually comes ahead of personal credit growth. Moreover, debit card spends, which often keep pace–suggesting … Continued

Gujarat projects: Jayanthi Natarajan’s prime target

The scene at one of the delayed projects, the Jindal Power and Steel complex in Odisha   Former Environment & Forests Minister Jayanthi Natarajan’s resignation drama may be quickly receding from public memory but some of the charges levelled by her in her farewell letter to Sonia Gandhi are worth revisiting.   Ms. Natarajan claimed … Continued

Quietly, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu Outrace Gujarat

  On the face of it, signing 21,000 MoUs (imagine the paperwork) and capturing Rs. 25,00,0000 crore ($415 billion) of investment intentions is a big deal. The bigger the numbers, the bigger the sense of achievement. The larger question is: does it matter? And more importantly, does it really help?   The answer to both … Continued