This is one statistic that always continues to amaze. India’s telecom subscriber base now stands at 846 million. Of this, some 564 million or 67% are urban while 282 million or 33% are rural. Urban teledensity is now at 157% while rural teledensity is at 34%. Interestingly, wireless continues to grow as wireline subscribers decline. There are only 35 million wirelines subscribers now compared to 812 million wireless subscribers. Wireless subscribers rose by almost 8% over the previous quarter, while wireline declined by 1.03%.

We believe this is a relative area of concern as wireline connectivity is important for high bandwidth egovernance applications as well as, for instance, video-based applications in the consumer, private and government space.

Will 3G Pay

New technologies like 3G services can cost around Rs 700 per month for downloads around 1 GB – which is nothing if you are an inveterate video streamer. A little more here and there (mostly it is there) and you will pay an additional 10 paise per 10 kb, which does not sound promising. Separately, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on July 18 said it would hire an agency for a 5-year project to conduct annual surveys on adoption of broadband in India.