We are all tied to the intricate web of life. But human activity is unraveling this web. In a little more than 40 years, population sizes of vertebrate species -that's reptiles, birds, mammals, fish, amphibians - have more than halved.

India in particular has 1078 species that are under threat. This includes mammals, birds, plants, fish, reptiles and amphibians. Around a 100 animals and 23 birds endemic to India could face extinction in 2019.

6 billion tonnes of fish and invertebrates have also been lost since 1950. The current rates of extinction are 100 times the standard rate of extinction in Earth's history. Biodiversity decline across the world is led by overexploitation of species, agriculture and land conversion.

Yearly, economic activity worth $125 trillion exploits earth's natural resources. By 2050, 2/10th of the earth will be impacted by human activity.