Nearly 76% of India’s COVID-19 patients have been men and 24% women, Lav Agarwal, joint secretary at the health ministry, said at this evening's press conference.

While 47% are less than 40 years of age, 19% are elderly (more than 60 years).

Of the 109 deaths in the country so far, 73% have been among men & 27% among women; 63% have been among the elderly.

Neverthelesss, Agarwal cautioned, young people with comorbidities are at heightens risk too: “86% of the deaths are those with comorbidities like diabetes, chronic kidney disease hypertension or heart related problems."

There were 214 new cases reported today, taking the total to 4,281 as on 6 p.m. on April 6. Twenty seven patients have been discharged, adding up to 319. This puts the number of active cases at 3,851. Maharashtra (748) continues to have the most cases, followed by Tamil Nadu (571) & Delhi (523).

(Compiled by Shreehari Paliath)