The cyber space is a shadowy world where attackers, hackers exploit a borderless playing field to wreck havoc on economies and institutions. World Economic Forum predicts that by 2020 economic loss due to cyber crime will reach $3 trillion.

After USA, India was the most targeted country by organised cyber groups between 2016-18. In the first half of 2018, India was the target of 4.3 lakh cyber attacks. A fifth of the attacks were by cyber criminals within India itself. The rest originated from Russia, China and the United States.

India is also among the top 5 targets for ransomware as well. Ransomware encrypts files of a victim and demands a ransom to regain access. 69% of cyber attacks in India involve ransomware and other kinds of malware.

Worldwide around 24000 malicious mobile applications are blocked everyday. Among apps, 27% of all lifestyle apps are malicious and, 20% of all music and audio apps have malware.