Why Is It So Hard For Liberals To Accept Modi’s Victory?

It is a wait-and-watch situation for the Indian liberals who continue to be skeptical about Prime Minister-elect Narendra Modi.   The BoomNews’s show #TheIndiaHangout’s panel discussion, anchored by Govindraj Ethiraj, with journalists Ayaz Memon, Kumar Ketkar and James Crabtree, came to the view that liberal thoughts may change based on action in the future by … Continued

Breaking Down The New Mandate

So, what worked in favour of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) leader Narendra Modi during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections? A clear shift of Dalit/Muslim votes to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), a vote for governance and leadership and a clear preference for the BJP among young voters.   That, among others, are the salient points … Continued

Results 2014: How Twitter Influenced Indian Politics

The landslide win by BJP led Narendra Modi is a turning point in Indian political history and social media tools seems to have their share as we can note by the extensive of tools like Twitter by Indian politicians. Here we look at the tweets mentioned on the elections and it was an astounding 58 … Continued