In Lush, Prosperous Goa, The Growth Of Luxury Hotels–Up 170% In 10 Years–Is Sparking Conflict

Arrosim (Goa): “Our village is the size of a coconut shell, how can it take five big resorts?” f...

J&K, Maharashtra, Project Delay Culprits; Delhi, Goa Score

Jammu & Kashmir, Maharashtra lead the list of states where some 190 out of 555 Central projects with investment outlays of over Rs 150 crore have reported cost overruns of Rs 1,30,089 crore or 60.3%   The sectors which are the main culprits for these overruns are Railways, Power, Petroleum and Roads Transport and Highways. … Continued

Govt Consumes 20% Of Petrol: Parrikar On Goa’s Radical Price Cuts

New Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar recently made headlines when he cut petrol prices by Rs 11 per litre in his budget, a move no other state government has dared emulate.   IndiaSpend’s Danielle Collaco caught up with Parrikar in the Goa Secretariat in North Goa last week to pin him down on the fiscal feasibility of … Continued

Meet India’s Chronic Over Spenders

It’s not exactly breaking news but a closer look at how various Indian states are managing their budgets is insightful.   IndiaSpend’s Dhritiman Gupta finds that many Indian states spend more than what they earn, hence consistently running deficits on the revenue account, which then have to be financed by loans.   The states can … Continued

Will It Be India’s Bravest State Budget Or..

Goa’s Budget 2012-13 provides a few more reasons to not just visit the state but take up more permanent residence there. IndiaSpend’s Dhritiman Gupta did some math on the only state budget in India which did the unthinkable; radically slash petrol prices.   It’s not just petrol prices which were reduced by Rs 11 per litre as of … Continued

India’s 10 Most Indebted States

Debt is not bad. Many firms raise large chunks of it in their growth and expansion phases. Some ease out of it with time. Others struggle. But while the stakeholders – banks, financial markets and shareholders – can technically put pressure on a firm to course-correct, it’s not the same or as simple with the … Continued