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India’s Female Voters Not Turning Out To Vote As They Should

Mumbai: Although female voter turnout has been increasing across India--from 51% in 1980 to 66% in 2...

For Homeless Indians With Mental Illness, Institutional Care Need Not Be Final Destination

Chennai: A majority of homeless women with mental illness (73%) were able to reintegrate into commun...

Iron-Fortified Pearl Millet Fights Anaemia, Improves Learning In Teens

New Delhi: Biofortified bajra (pearl millet) introduced into the diet of Indian adolescents led to r...

Had Congress Lost Closely-Fought MLA Seats (1960-2000), India Would’ve Seen 11% More Communal Riots: Study

Mumbai: Congress members of legislative assemblies (MLAs) forestall communal violence in their const...

Hotter Weather Threatens Productivity Of Indian Workers: Study

New Delhi: For every 1 deg C increase in temperature above 27 deg C on a hot day in India, productiv...

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As Mizoram, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh prepare for elections and India for general elections next year, criminal records are not likely to be a deterrent to members of Parliament (MPs) and state legislative assemblies (MLAs): No more than 6% of criminal cases against India’s MPs and MLAs ended in conviction. In 18 of 29 states and two of seven union territories, there were no convictions. In December 2014, the Supreme Court ordered the Centre to set up 12 special courts by March 2018 to try criminal cases against MPs and MLAs. Six months after the deadline, no more than 40% cases had been transferred to these courts.

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