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Heart Disease Now Kills Twice The Number Of Indians It Did In 1990

New Delhi: Cardiac ailments killed more Indians in 2016 (28%) than any other non-communicable diseas...

87% Of Indian Vehicle Owners Ready To Buy Electric Vehicles If That Reduces Pollution: Survey

New Delhi: About 87% of Indian drivers and vehicle owners would buy an electric vehicle (EV), if tha...

‘Although Inadequate, Increase In Minimum Support Price Is Welcome’

Mumbai: Under pressure from farmers’ groups across the country due to falling prices and a glut of...

India’s Female Voters Not Turning Out To Vote As They Should

Mumbai: Although female voter turnout has been increasing across India--from 51% in 1980 to 66% in 2...

For Homeless Indians With Mental Illness, Institutional Care Need Not Be Final Destination

Chennai: A majority of homeless women with mental illness (73%) were able to reintegrate into commun...

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Despite some progress, a new global report on tuberculosis has warned, India is faltering in treating patients, especially those with drug-resistant versions of the disease and under-funding its eradication efforts. The result is that India–with 17.7% of the planet’s population and 27% of its TB patients–is unlikely to meet its target of eliminating tuberculosis by 2025.

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