Results 2014: How Twitter Influenced Indian Politics

The landslide win by BJP led Narendra Modi is a turning point in Indian political history and social media tools seems to have their share as we can note by the extensive of tools like Twitter by Indian politicians. Here we look at the tweets mentioned on the elections and it was an astounding 58 … Continued

Indian Elections: Debunking The Debunked Myths

“Survey shatters 5 Indian election myths” read a Financial Times headline in its characteristically emphatic style. The motivation for the headline was a survey carried out by the Centre for Advanced Studies of India at the University of Pennsylvania and Carnegie Endowment that presumably busted some purported myths based on voter surveys and data analysis. After listening to the … Continued

Fact Check: Why Does Rahul Gandhi Want To Dump MPLADS?

  Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi recently made a statement that he would like to see the end of MPLADS or Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme.   Gandhi said: “I want to tell you a reality. If you ask MPs, at least 50%  will tell you that put an end to this MPLAD … Continued

Sticking Around Tougher Than Beating Congress Party

With elections approaching and the main political parties strategising on how to ensure victory, it would be interesting to step back and take a look at past elections and the history of non-Congress Governments in India. To be fair, history may not always be repeated but it’s worth knowing what could happen and why.   … Continued

Is dual-power structure bothering Manmohan Singh?

PMO officials and politicians briefed on the meeting between the two said the 81-year-old PM was extremely unlikely to seek a third term in office, should the UPA muster the numbers in the Lok Sabha elections, due sometime after March next year.   The Prime Minister’s insistence that the Gandhi scion take a more active … Continued

Rahul Gandhi gets his way on ordinance as Government blinks

Ignoring the dissenting voices of some key allies, the Congress party-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) decided on Wednesday to spike the controversial ordinance that seeks to protect convicted parliamentarians and state legislators from immediate disqualification.   The Union cabinet, which met in the evening a day after the return of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh from … Continued