How Many Murderers Are We Electing To Parliament?

India has a large proportion of criminals in politics who also get elected through the democratic process.   The latest statistics following the recent Lok Sabha elections stand like this: there are 186 Members of Parliament (MPs) who have criminal cases against them, nearly 34% of the total elected MPs. This number is the highest … Continued

Chart: What’s The Average Age Of An Indian MP?

The chart below looks at the average age of the Parliament members over the last 15 Lok Sabhas. The average age has increased from 46.5 years from the first Lok Sabha to 53.03 years for the 15th Lok Sabha (2009-2014).   In fact, the 12th Lok Sabha (1998-99) witnessed the lowest average age of MPs … Continued

Fact Check: Why Does Rahul Gandhi Want To Dump MPLADS?

  Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi recently made a statement that he would like to see the end of MPLADS or Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme.   Gandhi said: “I want to tell you a reality. If you ask MPs, at least 50%  will tell you that put an end to this MPLAD … Continued