Assam Beats Kerala In Primary Education Outcomes

  There is a great deal of focus now on education outcomes. Given this trend, the following figures might come as a surprise.   When it comes to primary education, the north eastern state of Assam, which has an overall literacy rate of 72.19%, is ranked No 1 in outcomes at the primary school level, … Continued

Rural India Continues To Outvote Urban India

  In one of our pre-election reports, we looked at 20 most rural and urban constituencies to understand voting patterns.   We also looked at the difference in percentage points in the highest and lowest rural and urban voter participation.   The 2014 elections saw a record voter turnout of 66% as against 58% in … Continued

Look Carefully Where India’s Young Voters Are

  Did India’s first-time voters really deliver in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections?   The answer is no but there is another angle for the new Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led Government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi to consider: states with relatively low development (defined below) also have a high proportion of young voters. This is … Continued

How Many Murderers Are We Electing To Parliament?

India has a large proportion of criminals in politics who also get elected through the democratic process.   The latest statistics following the recent Lok Sabha elections stand like this: there are 186 Members of Parliament (MPs) who have criminal cases against them, nearly 34% of the total elected MPs. This number is the highest … Continued

Modi Win Shows Path To Parliament Is Through 11 States

  The venerated mathematician Nassim Taleb popularised the term “Black Swan” to describe an event that occurs outside the realm of normal expectations and has an extreme impact on the present and future. And human nature naively tries to concoct explanations for these events, post facto. The origin of the phrase traces back to a … Continued

Literate Women Do Make More Active Voters

With India’s general elections just 10 days away, there is a hue and cry about women participation in the electoral process. A recent IndiaSpend report found that there has been literally no change in the proportion of women voters over the last 40 years.   So what affects women voting patterns? What are the other … Continued

How Kerala Has India’s Highest Spending Inequity

India’s most progressive state on social development indicators also suffers the worst consumer expenditure inequity anywhere in the country.   Feted across the world for achieving developed world levels of social development, the southern state of Kerala has one of the highest monthly per capita consumer expenditure in India, both in rural and urban areas. … Continued

Betting On Rural Votes This Time Too

Rural India is more active when it comes to voting than urban India. This is a known fact but by how much?   We looked at a sample of 20 urban and rural constituencies each spread across India. And we found that the range of voting percentage among the rural population is higher than urban … Continued

Guess Which Indian State Has The Largest Appetite?

According to data released on estimated per capita calorie intake by the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) of major states in India, Punjab has the highest calorie intake (2,223 Kcal) in rural areas while Jharkhand (1,900 Kcal) had the lowest in 2009-10. In urban areas, Odisha topped the list  as its per capita calorie intake stood at … Continued