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Overpopulated, Too Reliant On Agriculture, Rural India Can’t Absorb Reverse Migrants

Mohali: Rural India is incapable of absorbing the estimated 23 million interstate and intrastate mig...

‘70% Of India’s Coal Plants May Fail To Control Pollution Even After 7 Years’

New Delhi: Even after getting seven years to comply with new emission norms by 2022, 70% of India’...

Without States On Board, DISCOM Reforms Could Fail

New Delhi: Power sector reforms announced as part of India’s COVID-19 economic package could fall ...

How Migrant Exodus Has Hit Construction Industry

Mumbai: Some 120 million people have lost their jobs in the last eight weeks or so. A significant ch...

Amphan: ‘Higher Ocean Surface Temperatures Making Cyclones More Powerful’

New Delhi: Governments in the Indian states of Odisha and West Bengal are preparing to evacuate more...

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‘Disburse Cash Transfers Fairly, Treat Returning Migrants As Stakeholders Not Charity Cases’

India's Job Crisis

As Growth Slows, Govt Labour Policies Have Limited Impact On Job Creation