Urbanisation Sounds Great But Who Has The Money To Fund It?

Most planners and economy watchers would argue for greater and faster urbanisation. Many, however, would not be aware of the largely dismal condition of state and urban local body finances which could potentially support the great shift.  Moreover, as IndiaSpend’s Prachi Salve finds out, effectively, only 5 states in India have the financial and administrative … Continued

Why Gujarat’s Urban Infrastructure Build Is As Real As It Appears

Most visitors to Gujarat and particularly cities like Ahmedabad come back impressed with the sheer pace of change on-ground, particularly in infrastructure. The question many ask is: how much of this is real and how much apparent?   IndiaSpend’s Prachi Salve uses the Rs 66,000 crore Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) spend & … Continued

India’s Top Green Spend States; Chhattisgarh & Madhya Pradesh

Not that it might be a burning concern at this point but do you know which Indian states could lead the spending sweepstakes in tackling climate change and diminishing forest cover?   IndiaSpend’s Danielle Collaco filed a Right To Information (RTI) with the Ministry of Environment & Forests to find that Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh & … Continued

JNNURM Spin-Offs: Will The Punes & Nagpurs Be India’s Urban Darlings?

The Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) is a comprehensive effort by India’s central Government to improve urban infrastructure in creaking cities and towns.   IndiaSpend’s Prachi Salve follows up on a more broad-based report on the JNNURM initiative with a study of Maharashtra in particular. To find that cities like Pune and Nagpur … Continued

Rural Poverty Falls In Orissa, Urban Poverty Rises In Gujarat

India’s ‘poverty rate’ has been debated ad infinitum ever since Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Deputy Chairman of India’s Planning Commission announced the fixing of the poverty line at Rs 26 per day for rural areas and Rs 32 per day for urban areas. Those behind the uproar argued that these limits were too low.   IndiaSpend’s … Continued

Deciphering The Gujarat Growth Paradigm

 Is Gujarat India’s most industrially advanced and high growth state? If not what are the parameters that you should be using to assess the states performance?   In the light of several recent reports and debates on the issue, IndiaSpend’s Dhritiman Gupta studied growth and income patterns across six big states including Gujarat over the … Continued

J&K, Maharashtra, Project Delay Culprits; Delhi, Goa Score

Jammu & Kashmir, Maharashtra lead the list of states where some 190 out of 555 Central projects with investment outlays of over Rs 150 crore have reported cost overruns of Rs 1,30,089 crore or 60.3%   The sectors which are the main culprits for these overruns are Railways, Power, Petroleum and Roads Transport and Highways. … Continued

Govt Consumes 20% Of Petrol: Parrikar On Goa’s Radical Price Cuts

New Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar recently made headlines when he cut petrol prices by Rs 11 per litre in his budget, a move no other state government has dared emulate.   IndiaSpend’s Danielle Collaco caught up with Parrikar in the Goa Secretariat in North Goa last week to pin him down on the fiscal feasibility of … Continued

Meet India’s Chronic Over Spenders

It’s not exactly breaking news but a closer look at how various Indian states are managing their budgets is insightful.   IndiaSpend’s Dhritiman Gupta finds that many Indian states spend more than what they earn, hence consistently running deficits on the revenue account, which then have to be financed by loans.   The states can … Continued

Will It Be India’s Bravest State Budget Or..

Goa’s Budget 2012-13 provides a few more reasons to not just visit the state but take up more permanent residence there. IndiaSpend’s Dhritiman Gupta did some math on the only state budget in India which did the unthinkable; radically slash petrol prices.   It’s not just petrol prices which were reduced by Rs 11 per litre as of … Continued