1 in 4 Delhi Voter Names Need Deletion

  Nearly one in four voters in Delhi is likely to see their names deleted from the voter list, affecting the electoral outcomes of some constituencies that have witnessed close fights during the 2013 assembly elections.   Delhi goes to polls on February 7th and the results will be announced on February 10th.   Proper … Continued

AAP Is Unique But Not India’s Best Political Debutant

  With the Delhi election battle heating up, a larger question emerges: India is no stranger to new parties, so is the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) a flash in the electoral pan?   An IndiaSpend analysis reveals the AAP is exceptional in its main electoral plank, but it is unexceptional in its electoral impact.   … Continued

In Delhi, Congress Loss BJP’s Gain, Not AAP’s

  A headline like this usually elicits praise or slander, depending on which camp one belongs to.   So, let’s first get done with the caveats and disclaimers–electoral outcomes are a result of various complex factors, and any attempts to boil them down to a simple mathematical equation are both naïve and arrogant.   Any … Continued

In Delhi, BJP On AAP’s Heels, Congress Out

  The Election Commission has announced Delhi assembly elections for February 7 with results to be declared on February 10.   The recent assembly elections in Maharashtra were the most recent electoral hammer blow for the Congress in a state where it has ruled almost continuously since its formation in 1960. But the decline of … Continued