Maternity Benefits: What Centre Can Learn From Tamil Nadu, Odisha

New Delhi: Up to 88% of eligible women in the country did not receive benefits under the Centre’s ...

How Maharashtra, Karnataka & Tamil Nadu Use Outdated State Laws To Acquire Land

New Delhi: Maharashtra and Karnataka are using decades-old land acquisition laws--similar to a now-d...

Why Trained Masons Are Critical To India’s Sanitation Drive

Chennai: G Ramesh* was 12 when he first accompanied his father to a construction site in Tamil Nadu ...

The Math Behind Jayalalithaa’s Prime Ministerial Ambitions

  Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa wants to be Prime Minister. “From Fort St George (the legislative assembly of Tamil Nadu) to Red Fort” is the slogan for the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) 2014 Lok Sabha campaign. “First Tamil Prime Minister” hoarding signs litter the entire stretch of Radhakrishnan Salai in Chennai, … Continued

Free Medicine For The Poor, A Southern State Shows The Way

  Highlights  * 40% hospitalised patients get free medicines in Tamil Nadu. * Tamil Nadu has increased per capita spending on drugs. * 39 million Indians are driven to poverty every year because of ill-health.   Drug procurement in India’s public healthcare system is severely underfunded.  Two stark statistics in the World Health Statistics Report 2012, … Continued

A Grid Failure Draws Attention To Chronic Shortages

A major grid power failure in India’s Northern Grid late Sunday (July 29, 2012) night affected at least 7 states badly. This in turn crippled services across the region, including the Railways. IndiaSpend’s Sourjya Bhowmick does a quick demand-supply report and finds that other regions of India, notably, the South, face similar peaking power gaps. … Continued

Tamil Nadu’s Grand Growth Vision; Rhetoric Or Reality?

Do stretch goals and 10-year growth targets work when set by the states of India? Some would argue that the setting of a vision and a target for spending itself is a start. The cynics would say bigger promises don’t mean corresponding delivery.   IndiaSpend’s Dhritiman Gupta looked at the ambitious Vision Tamil Nadu 2023 … Continued

Meet India’s Chronic Over Spenders

It’s not exactly breaking news but a closer look at how various Indian states are managing their budgets is insightful.   IndiaSpend’s Dhritiman Gupta finds that many Indian states spend more than what they earn, hence consistently running deficits on the revenue account, which then have to be financed by loans.   The states can … Continued

India’s 10 Most Indebted States

Debt is not bad. Many firms raise large chunks of it in their growth and expansion phases. Some ease out of it with time. Others struggle. But while the stakeholders – banks, financial markets and shareholders – can technically put pressure on a firm to course-correct, it’s not the same or as simple with the … Continued

Where Are Tamil Nadu’s Colour TVs?

India’s southern state of Tamil Nadu has been a pioneer of sorts in entertaining its voters, by giving away free television sets. The last scheme, initiated by the then ruling DMK party,  started in 2006 and aimed to distribute some 15 million colour television sets to as many households. It now turns out that the … Continued