The Bihar Growth Story & What’s Missing

Bihar has been reporting astounding economic growth numbers, 13.1% at last count. More pertinently, there is a palpable sense of change and optimism about the future. But where has this growth come from? Does Bihar really beat the other big states now? More importantly, what has economic growth delivered for Bihar?   To try and … Continued

Deciphering The Gujarat Growth Paradigm

 Is Gujarat India’s most industrially advanced and high growth state? If not what are the parameters that you should be using to assess the states performance?   In the light of several recent reports and debates on the issue, IndiaSpend’s Dhritiman Gupta studied growth and income patterns across six big states including Gujarat over the … Continued

December Elections Weigh On Gujarat; FY13 Budget Offers Tax Sops To Middle Class, Poor

Election year budgets have never failed to disappoint the middle class and the poor in India.   In that context IndiaSpend’s Dhritiman Gupta finds that Gujarat’s budget for financial year 2012-12 (April-March) has lived up to the expectation of this main voting populace.   Gujarat’s Finance Minister Vajubhai Vala has offered tax reliefs that would … Continued ...

India’s 10 Most Indebted States

Debt is not bad. Many firms raise large chunks of it in their growth and expansion phases. Some ease out of it with time. Others struggle. But while the stakeholders – banks, financial markets and shareholders – can technically put pressure on a firm to course-correct, it’s not the same or as simple with the … Continued