Karnataka’s Services Growth Powers Surpluses

The performance of a state government is often judged on the basis of condition of the state economy and the general financial condition. In fact, the two are not mutually exclusive.   IndiaSpend’s Dhritiman Gupta glances through Karnataka’s Budget documents for 2012-13 and finds that for all the political turmoil the state has witnessed in … Continued

Rajasthan’s Giant Solar Power Leap

The bad news; Only 25% of the target set for solar power generation has been met in Phase 1 of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission, which ends next year, i.e. 2013. India needs to do more if it wants to harness solar power.   The interesting news: one state, Rajasthan, has commissioned and undertaken … Continued

Urbanisation Sounds Great But Who Has The Money To Fund It?

Most planners and economy watchers would argue for greater and faster urbanisation. Many, however, would not be aware of the largely dismal condition of state and urban local body finances which could potentially support the great shift.  Moreover, as IndiaSpend’s Prachi Salve finds out, effectively, only 5 states in India have the financial and administrative … Continued

South-Side Success Story, In Figures

Four South Indian states – Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh – have played important roles in India’s growth story. The states also rank high on the human development front and poverty reduction.   IndiaSpend’s Dhritiman Gupta takes a look at some of the economic and social indicators of these states to get a … Continued

India’s Urban Renewal Initiative Only A Metro Success

A Planning Commission member – Arun Maira – recently referred to the Rs 66,000 crore Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) as a success. He was speaking in his specific capacity as Head, Steering Committee set up to appraise the JNNURM by the Planning Commission.   IndiaSpend’s Prachi Salve finds that the Government’s own … Continued

A Grid Failure Draws Attention To Chronic Shortages

A major grid power failure in India’s Northern Grid late Sunday (July 29, 2012) night affected at least 7 states badly. This in turn crippled services across the region, including the Railways. IndiaSpend’s Sourjya Bhowmick does a quick demand-supply report and finds that other regions of India, notably, the South, face similar peaking power gaps. … Continued

Why Gujarat’s Urban Infrastructure Build Is As Real As It Appears

Most visitors to Gujarat and particularly cities like Ahmedabad come back impressed with the sheer pace of change on-ground, particularly in infrastructure. The question many ask is: how much of this is real and how much apparent?   IndiaSpend’s Prachi Salve uses the Rs 66,000 crore Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) spend & … Continued

India’s Top Green Spend States; Chhattisgarh & Madhya Pradesh

Not that it might be a burning concern at this point but do you know which Indian states could lead the spending sweepstakes in tackling climate change and diminishing forest cover?   IndiaSpend’s Danielle Collaco filed a Right To Information (RTI) with the Ministry of Environment & Forests to find that Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh & … Continued

JNNURM Spin-Offs: Will The Punes & Nagpurs Be India’s Urban Darlings?

The Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) is a comprehensive effort by India’s central Government to improve urban infrastructure in creaking cities and towns.   IndiaSpend’s Prachi Salve follows up on a more broad-based report on the JNNURM initiative with a study of Maharashtra in particular. To find that cities like Pune and Nagpur … Continued

How Bengal Lost An Opportunity To Change Its Economic Course

When & where did West Bengal’s problems really begin? A question like this could spark off a plethora of tomes, debates & addas (intellectual gatherings) that might last, well, for a long time.   IndiaSpend’s Dhritiman Gupta instead looks at available data closely to ask if the people of Bengal could have seen the alarm … Continued