Naxal-Related Violence Has Killed Over 5,000 In 6 Years

  Highlights  * Total casualty due to Naxal-related violence is 5,235 in 6 years, which turns out to be around 2 killings per day * Around 3,000 civilians & more than 1,000 security personnel have been killed in the violence * Around 900 Naxals were killed during this period   India’s Union Rural Development Minister … Continued ...

Do Stable State Governments Perform Better? The Chhattisgarh Story

Highlights:*Chhattisgarh agriculture and allied growth was 7.2% while All-India growth was 3.9% *Chhattisgarh has highest percentage of people living Below Poverty Line (BPL) according to the latest Tendulkar Committee Estimates Report (2013) *The 2011 India Human Development Report of the Planning Commission of India ranks Chhattisgarh the lowest among the Indian states.   Are stable … Continued ...

India Continues To Miss Key Health Targets

  Highlights  *12th Plan allocation for Health Ministry is Rs 300,018 crore or approximately Rs 60,000 crore per year *National Health Mission gets the largest pie; around Rs 38,681 crore every year *12th Plan targets include reducing infant mortality rate to 25 per 1,000 live births and  maternal mortality rate to 100 per 1 lakh … Continued

Can Women’s Education Arrest India’s Declining Sex Ratio?

Highlights * Female literacy has gone up in both rural and urban areas from 1999-2000 to 2009-10* Women employment is higher in rural areas than urban areas * Majority of Hindu and Muslim females are illiterate in rural areas   A poor sex ratio has been often cited as one reason for the increasing number of … Continued

At 270 Million, India’s Poverty Equals Illiteracy

  Highlights * Out of 218 million literates added during 2001-11, over 110 million females became literates as against 108 million males *Kerala has the best female literacy rate (92%) followed by Mizoram, Lakshadweep, Tripura and Goa * Only 7% of the population in Kerala are below the poverty line as against 15% in Rajasthan, … Continued ...

India Still Has 269 Million Poor, Bihar Leads Race In Reducing Poverty

  Highlights  * Number of people below the poverty line in India has declined from 407.1 million in 2004-05 to 269.3 million in 2011-12 * Most of the reduction was in rural areas where people below the poverty line declined from 328.6 million in 2004-05 to 216.5 million in 2011-12 * For a family of … Continued

India’s Borrowings Are Rising & From Tougher Lenders

India’s borrowings from the global markets are increasing and the ratio of the country’s foreign exchange reserves to total foreign currency debt is declining. Would that be cause for worry, given India’s 1990s’ history of debt crisis?   The answer for now is no… because the total external debt-to-GDP ratio is still within a manageable … Continued

How Gujaratis Love Gujarat (And Other Migration Stories)

India has always witnessed a fair amount of internal migration. Over the years, the patterns have become fairly predictable, mostly rural to urban areas and from poorer, more populous states to more prosperous states.   And yet, the migration numbers can be interesting. While in absolute numbers, states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar would potentially … Continued

Punjab Tops In Rural Healthcare Access, Gujarat Lags

Highlights  * Gujarat has among the lowest doctor density ratio (1.5) in rural areas as against the national average of 2.4 doctors * India’s public health system has a shortfall of over 12,000 specialist doctors and over 100,000 health workers * Tamil Nadu, which has strong health indicators, runs community health centres with hired specialists … Continued

India’s Biggest Bribe Takers; Police, Registry & Permits

  Highlights * Almost 71% people surveyed by Transparency International feels corruption has increased in India *68% people think anti-corruption policies are ineffective *54% Indians said they have paid a bribe while dealing with public services – double the global average of 27%   The task of fixing corruption in India can often seem like … Continued