How 46 Million Indians Are Being Slowly Poisoned

  Around 46 million people in India—or the size of the population of Spain—are exposed everyday to contaminated water, which could lead to serious health issues such as crippling skeletal damage, kidney degeneration, cirrhosis of the liver and cardiac arrest.   Water from as many as 78,508 rural habitations is contaminated by arsenic, fluoride, iron … Continued

Jobs For Women: Why India Does Worse Than Somalia

  As Women’s Day rolls in and various debates around the Indian woman unfold–such as her role, education, freedom, responsibilities and job prospects–one thing is clear: the percentage of women in India’s workforce is declining.   Women’s workforce participation in India is the lowest among the BRICS nations. A range of countries, such as Bahrain, … Continued

Rural India’s LPG Failure Kills People, Changes Weather

Renuka, a domestic worker in Bangalore, uses wood to fire a mud-stove that she built. Soot blackens her walls and is a health hazard; about a million people, including 100,000 children, die from indoor air pollution every year in India.   Every evening on the smoky, denuded northern outskirts of Bangalore, Renuka (she uses only … Continued

215 Million Indians Have Zero Assets

  In a country where “inclusion” is the emerging political mantra, an estimated 215 million Indians–roughly the population of Canada and Pakistan combined–are largely excluded from economic progress.   These paupers, of sorts, have “zero assets”, which means they do not own a television set, a motorcycle, a mobile phone, or any of seven items … Continued

At 66, The Indian Republic Has Much To Do

  As the latest military hardware, ranks of soldiers marching in perfect step, pomp, glory and Barack Obama mark India’s 66th republic day, praise is likely to be heaped on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for projecting India as an emerging superpower.   Much has improved after 68 years of independence, but millions of Indians live … Continued

Your Poisoned Food, Our Unending Greed

A child lying in a Patna hospital in July 2013 after eating contaminated food at her school. REUTERS/Adnan Abidi   Akhilanand Mishra will never forget how he found his son Ashish Kumar, “vomiting and with diarrhoea”, indications that the five-year-old child’s body was trying to expel poisons after eating his government-provided midday meal in July … Continued ...

9 Of 10 Private Sector Retirees Have No Pensions, Health Insurance

  Only 8% of employees who retire from the private sector in India are covered by pensions while the remaining 92% have no income security or health insurance, according to a recent report released by Crisil, a ratings agency.  Fiscally, the report adds, the government cannot afford to ensure social pensions to a large populace … Continued

Jobs Decline In India’s Biggest Employment Arena

  Employment in the informal sector, the biggest provider of jobs in India, has declined 6% from 2004-05, according to government data.   Coming on the heels of a Indiaspend report of a slowdown in formal-sector factory jobs, this is a disquieting trend because the informal sector provides employment to 72% of India’s workforce.   … Continued

Modi’s Big Make-in-India Problem: Fewer Factory Jobs

  As Prime Minister Narendra Modi pushes his Make-in-India manufacturing plan and factory output rebounds, new data indicate two disquieting trends.   One, there is a slowdown in employment in the formal, organised sector (which in any case employs only 12% of India’s labour force), the prime staging ground of Modi’s programme. Data released by … Continued

Rural Wage Growth Plunges To 10-year Low

  The wages of people living in rural India are no longer rising at the same rate as they were under the United Progressive Alliance government. Last week, The Indian Express reported that the average daily wage rate for rural India grew by 3.8% in November 2014 as compared to the same month the previous … Continued