Some Good News On Infrastructure

Mumbai’s citizens may be generally vexed with their megapolis’s growing traffic, pollution and crime, but it has actually done reasonably well in one aspect—infrastructure projects under a national scheme.   Mumbai has completed 13 of 26 projects, valued at Rs 2,873.4 crore, financed by the Centre under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM). … Continued

BLOG: Easier Finding God Than A Home In Pricey Mumbai

  I’ve often heard house hunters say that finding God is easier than finding a house in Mumbai.   That epigram recently sprung to life when I decided it was time to buy my own apartment in Bombay. I had, after all, been working for eight years, was drawing what many would term a decent … Continued

World’s Most Densely Populated City Spreads North

  Mumbai is projected to become the fourth largest city in the world after Tokyo, Delhi and Shanghai by 2030, from the sixth largest in 1990. But in terms of population growth within the metropolis, the adjoining districts are growing faster than the main metropolitan region.   Among the districts, 8.3% of Maharashtra’s population lived … Continued

Mumbai Has India’s Best Healthcare. It Isn’t Enough

  Mumbai has India’s best public-health infrastructures—by far—yet it needs to at least double its medical personnel and health facilities to be able to serve its underserved citizens, an Indiaspend analysis has revealed.   State and municipal hospitals are short by 26% of health-care workers and nurses and by 44% of doctors, according to the … Continued

Mumbai Roads Not Deadly—By Indian Standards

  Greater Mumbai, with a population of nearly 18 million people, witnessed more than 23,500 road accidents in 2013, the most of any Indian city.   Mumbai was followed by Chennai with 9,705 and Delhi with 7,566 accidents. But Mumbai’s roads are not particularly deadly; the city had fewer fatal accidents compared to Chennai. Delhi … Continued

No person As Squeezed In As The Mumbaikar

(A view of Hanging Garden in south Mumbai)   A visit to any open area in Mumbai reveals what the locals, known as Mumbaikars, really crave — open space. Every playground, every promenade and every park is packed, revealing what they lack—open space.   Every person in Mumbai has access to just 12 sq ft … Continued

Why Mumbai’s Failure Is India’s Failure

Ever since the new government came to power in Delhi, there have been oft-repeated,  clarion calls for ‘big-bang reforms’. That India needs reforms in several forms, fields and ministries is indisputable, but what kind of reforms, especially in the nation’s crumbling cities, can drive economic growth, improve the quality of life and ensure inclusive development? … Continued