‘Non-Lethal’ Crowd-Control Methods Have Killed 24, Blinded 139 In Kashmir

Srinagar: Violent protests in Kashmir are quelled using what the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) describes as ‘non-lethal’ crowd-control measures. These include pellet guns, tear gas and chilli-fil...

Tobacco Gives J&K Its Highest Tax Revenue, And A COPD Crisis

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), among the four Indian states with the highest prevalence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), recorded tobacco sales worth Rs 5,530 crore over seven ...

As Car Bomb Kills 44 CRPF Troopers, 94% Rise In Death Toll Of Security Forces in J&K In 4 Years

Mumbai: Forty four Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel were killed in Jammu and Kashmir’s (J&K) Pulwama in a blast on February 14, 2019. This is the deadliest attack on security forces...

Jammu Represents Swachh Bharat Sewage Crisis: 94% Untreated, Drinking Water Sources Contaminated

(Jammu) Jammu and Kashmir: The governor of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) declared the state open defecation free (ODF) on September 15, 2018. This ODF status has not been validated by the central govern...

India’s Disturbing Communal Incidents Data; 61 A Month

Highlights*Uttar Pradesh had the highest number of communal incidents in the last 4 years *Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland reported no communal incidents, Jammu and Kashmir reported only two incidents in 4 years   A communal flare-up (clashes between communities) occurred in Kishtwar district in Jammu and Kashmir around the Eid festival on August 9, 2013. … Continued

India’s Top Green Spend States; Chhattisgarh & Madhya Pradesh

Not that it might be a burning concern at this point but do you know which Indian states could lead the spending sweepstakes in tackling climate change and diminishing forest cover?   IndiaSpend’s Danielle Collaco filed a Right To Information (RTI) with the Ministry of Environment & Forests to find that Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh & … Continued

India’s Fastest Growing State in Tax Revenues; Jammu & Kashmir

The state of Jammu and Kashmir rarely makes news for its economy. And yet, as IndiaSpend’s Dhritiman Gupta finds out in a snapshot study of the state’s Budget for 2012, not only have tax revenues been begun zooming but the State is also budgeting aggressively ahead.   The numbers are obviously lower (Table 2) than … Continued

J&K, Maharashtra, Project Delay Culprits; Delhi, Goa Score

Jammu & Kashmir, Maharashtra lead the list of states where some 190 out of 555 Central projects with investment outlays of over Rs 150 crore have reported cost overruns of Rs 1,30,089 crore or 60.3%   The sectors which are the main culprits for these overruns are Railways, Power, Petroleum and Roads Transport and Highways. … Continued

Kashmir’s Dogged Troubles

The challenges of managing civic equilibrium can be far more daunting than one imagines. While we focus on larger expenditure issues, there are cases where economically backward regions have to reckon with near Dickensian situations that might seem irrelevant in the larger scheme of things but yet capable of causing considerable hardship to ordinary people.   … Continued