Are We Safe? Some 5,400 Dangerous Criminals Live Amongst Us!

The long arm of the law finally catches up or maybe not. A classic example was the re-arrest of Bitti Mohanty, who, according to reports, eluded the police for six long years. He has been convicted of raping a German tourist in Rajasthan and he was finally rearrested in Kerala 6 years later.   Data … Continued

Housing For Poor: Noble Objectives, Unachievable Targets?

  Highlights * Government’s estimates put rural housing shortage at 40 million till the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan (2012-2017) * Government hopes to fix this by spending Rs 150,000 crore over the 12th Plan * About 30 million houses have been built with a total spending of around Rs 94,087 crore   Housing … Continued

How Violent Crimes In Bengal Doubled In The 4 Years Before Mamata

West Bengal’s deteriorating law and order has proved a major embarrassment for Mamata Banerjee, who came to power with the promise of better governance and improved law and order.   The Left Front, ironically, had claimed in the run up to the 2011 elections saying that law and order would crumble if her party came … Continued

India’s Fastest Growing Crime: Kidnapping Of Women & Girls

  Highlights * Crimes against women registered a 69% decadal jump * Total number of crimes fell 3% from 2011 to 2012, but rose 9% from 2002 to 2012 * Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Gujarat & Maharashtra recorded the highest number of crimes   The recent spate of crimes against women has also triggered … Continued

The Price For Insecurity: Record $18 Billion Of Foreign Tourist Earnings

  Highlights * Foreign Exchange Earnings (FEE) from tourism hit a record high of Rs 94,487 crore in 2012, up Rs 16,896 crore from previous year * FEE over five years was Rs 343,221 crore * About 29 million Foreign Tourist Arrivals recorded from 2008 to 2012   Crimes against foreign nationals have caused India’s … Continued

The Statistical Guide To India, A Flawed Democracy

“The government you elect is government you deserve,” said Thomas Jefferson. Put another way, democracy is a form of government where the people are all powerful. They choose their rulers who can be periodically changed and thus form the essence of a democracy.   That said, how do Indians perform as citizens? Quite poorly, it … Continued

Minorities Ministry’s Budget Sees 23-Fold Jump In 7 Years But Little To Show

India’s Vice President Hamid Ansari speaking in Mumbai recently said ‘The Muslim segment of India’s population has lagged behind, is educationally backward and because of it cannot avail all the benefits that are available to its fellow citizens.”   He further highlighted the fact that the community had a lower literacy rate of 59.1% as … Continued

Not Everyone Wants Guaranteed Wages

   Highlights * MGNREGA has cost the taxpayer Rs 227,700 cr from its inception in 2005-06 & about 48 million households have been provided employment * Only 30% of the work projects were completed & only 22% of funds were utilised in the 182 audited districts spanning 14 states * According to a CAG report, … Continued

Why India’s Social Capital Experiment Is Flailing

On the face of it, India does not have a runaway unemployment problem. But the figures can be misleading, particularly since organised labour constitutes barely 7% of total labour. Nevertheless, if you were to go with figures put out by the Government, unemployment is currently (and only) at 6.6%.   In recent years, the Government … Continued

India’s Unchanging Statistic: 400 Million Poor Over 30 Years

Highlights * India has 400 million people in poverty – a number relatively unchanged since 1981 when 429 million were very poor * Sub-Saharan Africa has 34% of poor population of the world while India has the second largest number – around 33% – of poor people in the world *China has reduced the number … Continued