6 Hurdles To Building 44,000 Homes A Day

  Less than seven years are left for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious Housing for All scheme aimed at providing a home to all the urban poor by 2022—especially as cities grow and migrants flow in from distressed rural areas.   This means an estimated 44,000 homes will have to be built every day or … Continued

Does Mumbai Have A Solution To India’s Public Transport Problem?

  After much delay, Mumbai city finally got to see the monorail in action this week. The monorail, which is only half complete is one of the many new public transport networks that are being built in the city.   While a monorail ride could be a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon, the larger question is does this … Continued

How India’s Airport Body Earns 20% Of Revenues For Doing Nothing

   Highlights * AAI earned Rs 4,749 cr over the last 5 years from its share in Delhi and Mumbai airports * Airport Body earned Rs 2,669 cr from Delhi airport, a higher revenue share than the Rs 2,082 crore earned from Mumbai * Profit for AAI in the last 10 years has been Rs … Continued

India’s Bigger Soft Infrastructure Challenge

In the race to build infrastructure on the ground, India is restrained by lack of talent and capacity to execute the plans laid out by the Central Government under the ambitious Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM).   JNNURM was launched in December 2005 with a total outlay of Rs 66,084 crore. Despite the promise … Continued

Bihar & Punjab Could Be India’s New Dark States

  Highlights  * Tamil Nadu unable to meet 31% peak demand for power during summer * Tamil Nadu to add nearly 6,000 MW capacity to solve crisis * States like Bihar & Punjab could be next to face power deficits   Power cuts are a part of life in most parts of India. And yet … Continued

IndiaSpend Budget Primer – V: Bridging The Rural-Rural Divide

In 1901, approximately 89% of India’s population was living in rural areas… by 2011, that number had come down, but only to 69%. Although the rural population has been declining, more than half of India’s population still lives in villages. But contrary to popular belief, the major source of income for the rural population is … Continued

India’s Most Dangerous Roads Are In…Ludhiana

  Highlights * The chances of fatality in a road accident are higher in Ludhiana than in Mumbai despite most road accidents being reported (25,471) in Mumbai * Goa, Tamil Nadu had maximum deaths reported per lakh population, Nagaland least. * Number of fatal accidents has increased  from 18% of total in 2002 to 24% … Continued

Maharashtra’s Opaque Road Projects

  Maharashtra was one of the first states in India to actively involve the private sector in infrastructure projects. But the state has not displayed the same ingenuity in providing information and insight on the structure of these public-private partnerships or the financials that govern them.   IndiaSpend’s Prachi Salve filed four rounds of Right … Continued

BSNL’s Rs 548 Crore Medical Bill

When we first looked (in June 2011), state-owned telecom giant BSNL was headed for losses of Rs 2,725 crore for the year ended March 2011. In August, reports suggested unaudited losses had jumped to Rs 6,000 crore, against Rs 1,823 crore in 2009-10. The final loss figure for 2010-11 is Rs 6,384 crore.   Worse, … Continued

Almost A Billion Phones But..

This is one statistic that always continues to amaze. India’s telecom subscriber base now stands at 846 million. Of this, some 564 million or 67% are urban while 282 million or 33% are rural. Urban teledensity is now at 157% while rural teledensity is at 34%. Interestingly, wireless continues to grow as wireline subscribers decline. … Continued