Delhi vs Mumbai: A debate through numbers

One is India’s financial capital, the other its political capital. In drawing rooms and offices, the Delhi vs. Mumbai debate is an old one and rages on relentlessly, providing much needed amusement to the dwellers of these two urban metropolises. But as Delhi goes to polls, we try and cut through the hubbub and sift through hard numbers to … Continued

The Network Effect

As discussions about the Food Security bill played on displays around the room, Rajdeep Sardesai took a seat at the centre of a simmering news pit in Mumbai, looking like he could use a break. Just ten days earlier, on 16 August, CNN-IBN and IBN7, the channels he oversees as editor-in-chief of the IBN Network, … Continued

Praveen Chakravarty: Independent candidates: Party-poopers in disguise?

In the 2009 Lok Sabha election in Pune, there were 36 candidates that contested, of which 25 were independent candidates. A total of 25,701 people voted for these 25 independents but the highest vote share for a single independent candidate was just 3,088. The winner – Suresh Kalmadi defeated the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s Anil Shirole by 24,768 votes. … Continued

IndiaSpend Debates_Can the Food Security Bill tackle malnutrition?

Govindraj Ethiraj, Editor, IndiaSpend in conversation with Julie Hudman, Director of research at IndiaSpend and Purnima Menon, Senior Fellow Research at the International Food Policy Research Institute on the Food Security Bill and on the problems of malnutrition. See more

With Rs 164 crore in kitty, Rohini Nilekani to chart a new course in philanthropy

Rohini Nilekani, who sold a portion of her shares in Infosys last week for Rs 164 crore, will use the money to chart a new course in philanthropy by backing select social ventures.   Rohini, 53, whose husband Nandan co-founded Infosys, said she will provide grant capital to individuals and organisations in the areas of … Continued

Telangana creation marks the rise of sub-India

If Potti Sriramulu were alive today, he would likely be distraught at the splintering of his beloved Andhra. But he would find it hard to argue with the sentiments that led to the announcement of Telangana, India’s 29th state. In 1952, Sriramulu, a former engineer with the Baroda Bombay and Central India railway, began a … Continued

Why the Rs 13,000 crore midday meal scheme still matters

The death of 23 children in the Saran district of Chhapra, Bihar after  consuming their school midday meal has put the union government’s Midday Meal Scheme in the spotlight. The incident highlights once again how big policy initiatives are let down by poor implementation and monitoring at the ground level.   In the 2013-14 budget Rs … Continued

Shocker! Some Indian states ageing faster than Scandinavian countries

Nine states in India have population that are composed of ageing people higher than several Scandinavian countries like Norway, Sweden and Denmark – countries that are often held up as examples of slowing demographics.   This startling fact about the demographic pattern of India has been revealed in a report on a website called IndiaSpend, … Continued

Maharashtra’s opaque road projects

Maharashtra was one of the first states in India to actively involve the private sector in infrastructure projects. But the state has not displayed the same ingenuity in providing information and insight on the structure of these public-private partnerships or the financials that govern them.   IndiaSpend filed four rounds of Right to Information (RTI) petitions … Continued

Is the Gujarat growth story for real? Apparently, yes

Now that the people of Gujarat will be passing judgment on Narendra Modi all over again, it is worth taking a closer look at his development model, and whether it is for real.   The Gujarat story under Narendra Modi has been a subject of serious dispute, with his fans declaring him a Growth Messiah … Continued