India’s Rural Have-Nots: Unconnected, Without Drinking Water, Low Reading Ability

Mumbai: Up to 23 million households (in over 292,000 villages) without electricity; 7% (43,000) vill...

Five states have half of India’s Slums

The top five states by number of slums per 100 households–Chhattisgarh (18), Odisha (17), Jharkhand (14), Tamil Nadu (11) and Bihar (10)–in 2008-09, the latest year for which household data are available.

At 66, The Indian Republic Has Much To Do

  As the latest military hardware, ranks of soldiers marching in perfect step, pomp, glory and Barack Obama mark India’s 66th republic day, praise is likely to be heaped on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for projecting India as an emerging superpower.   Much has improved after 68 years of independence, but millions of Indians live … Continued