Needed: More Women To Fight Indian Elections

  The good news first: the number of women in India’s Parliament has slowly increased over the years. But in contrast, the percentage of women winning if compared to the number standing for elections is actually dropping. Put another way, more women are contesting the elections than ever before but failing to get elected.   … Continued

When It Comes To Rape, Familiarity Breeds Danger

  India is seeing an increasing number of cases of rape where the offenders were known to their victims. This is not a phenomenon confined to India but this happened in 98% of the 24,923 rape cases registered in India last year.   Of the 24,470 cases in which offenders were known to the victims, … Continued

Human Trafficking Cases Jump in India; Convictions Decline!

Highlights *3,554 cases of human trafficking were reported in 2012, an increase of 17% from 3,029 cases reported in 2008   *West Bengal and Maharashtra register large number of cases but convictions have only been about 4% & 5%, respectively *Uttar Pradesh, Delhi have the best conviction rates of people arrested for sex trafficking;  Assam, … Continued

Naxal-Related Violence Has Killed Over 5,000 In 6 Years

  Highlights  * Total casualty due to Naxal-related violence is 5,235 in 6 years, which turns out to be around 2 killings per day * Around 3,000 civilians & more than 1,000 security personnel have been killed in the violence * Around 900 Naxals were killed during this period   India’s Union Rural Development Minister … Continued

How India’s Judiciary Is Collapsing Under Its Own Weight

Highlights *Over 30 million cases pending at various levels of judiciary across the country * Lower levels of judiciary have around 27 million pending cases; over 4 million cases are pending in 21 High Courts * Uttar Pradesh has the maximum number of pending cases: 1 million in Allahabad High Court and nearly 6 million … Continued

India: Where A Woman Is Killed Every Hour For Dowry

  Highlights *India has lost, on an average, 9,000 women every year or 1 woman every hour due to dowry deaths between 2005-2012 *There was a 23% decadal increase in dowry deaths, the child sex ratio fell by 13 points *Punjab and Haryana have increased the child sex ratio and reduced dowry deaths   Women … Continued

How A Third of India’s Judiciary Just Does Not Exist

Highlights *India has only 18,000 judges at the subordinate level, which comes up to about 13 judges per million *Over 4.3 million cases are pending in various High Courts across the country *Judicial Appointments Commission will make recommendations for the appointments and transfers of Supreme Court and High Court judges   High profile criminal cases … Continued

How India’s Construction Workers Get Gypped Of Their Due

Highlights *45 million construction workers form the country’s third largest employee base and fall in the unorganised or informal sector *Only 23% construction workers are registered with welfare boards across the country *Out of over Rs 9,300 crore collected as cess for workers welfare, only 13% (Rs 1,179 crore) has been utilised across the country … Continued

India’s Disturbing Communal Incidents Data; 61 A Month

Highlights*Uttar Pradesh had the highest number of communal incidents in the last 4 years *Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland reported no communal incidents, Jammu and Kashmir reported only two incidents in 4 years   A communal flare-up (clashes between communities) occurred in Kishtwar district in Jammu and Kashmir around the Eid festival on August 9, 2013. … Continued

It’s Not About Which Community You Belong, It’s About How Educated It Is

    Highlights* Christians doing well across the country as they have better education, better jobs and better standard of living. *  Sikhs have the highest monthly per capita expenditure (MPCE) – both in rural and urban areas – followed by Christians and Hindus * For Muslims, lower education leads to higher unemployment and lower … Continued