5 Indians Died Every Day In Rain-Related Weather Events Over 3 Years

Mumbai: As many as 6,585 people lost their lives due to rain-related natural calamities--such as cyc...

If Women Could Decide, Bihar Wouldn’t Have A Population Crisis

Gaya: If it were up to her, Saroja Devi, 23, would not have had three children. But it is not up to ...

94% Bihari Women Know Of Contraception, But 1 in 5 Use It: Our Study

Gaya (Bihar): Married early, Premlata Devi had had four children by the time she was 24 years old--a...

Among Muzaffarpur’s Children, 2 In 5 Are Underweight, 1 In 2 Too Short For Age

Mumbai: As Muzaffarpur, Bihar, experiences its worst encephalitis outbreak in recent history, NITI A...

Bihar’s Poorest Prefer Public Health To Jobs, Road, Cash Transfers

Mumbai: As 128 children died of encephalitis in Bihar over 19 days to June 21, 2019, a new study rep...

How Pharmacies Can Help India’s Battle Against TB

Mumbai: Pharmacies trained in tuberculosis (TB) screening and doctor referrals can significantly imp...

Why Bihar’s Miracle Story Might Be Short-Circuited

  Highlights * Bihar grew at an average annual rate of 10.7% over the last seven years * But only 16% of 18.94 million households in Bihar have access to electricity * Some 82% of households still depend on kerosene as key fuel source for lighting   India’s third most populous state of Bihar grew … Continued

Bihar & Punjab Could Be India’s New Dark States

  Highlights  * Tamil Nadu unable to meet 31% peak demand for power during summer * Tamil Nadu to add nearly 6,000 MW capacity to solve crisis * States like Bihar & Punjab could be next to face power deficits   Power cuts are a part of life in most parts of India. And yet … Continued

Uttar Pradesh’s O% Achievement In Rural Sanitation

  Highlights* Government has set target of full sanitation in rural India by 2022 under Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan. * Country-wide utilisation of sanitation funds only 20% in the first half of the current financial year. * Only 16% schools in India have functional toilets.   Jairam Ramesh, India’s Union Minister For Rural Development, caused a … Continued

Gujarat Has Highest Reduction In Women Enrolment In Higher Education

  Highlights * Marginal increase in women enrolments. * Bihar sees highest increase in women enrolments. * Kerala also sees high dropout rates.     Women constitute 48% of Indian population as per 2011 census but make up only 6 million of the 14 million students (42%) enrolled in higher education.   IndiaSpend’s Sourjya Bhowmick … Continued