Why Pundalikrao Ukarde Does Not Want To Raise Cows Anymore

Two cows and two calves in the stable near farmer Pundalikrao Ukarde’s house in Karmad village, Aurangabad taluka and district, Maharashtra. “About a decade ago, we owned more than 10 cows and buffaloes. Now, we just have two cows,” Ukarde said. (Photo: Poorvi Kulkarni)   In this second of our two-part series on why small … Continued

Why Marathwada’s Farmers Dread The New Cattle Law

  Aurangabad and Latur (Maharashtra): “Pashu an shetkari ekaach vargaatle na?…He samplyaashivaay yaanchee smart city chee yojana kashi yashasvi honaar?” (For the government) aren’t animals and farmers in the same category? How will their Smart City project be realised if both are not destroyed?   This was a Facebook post last month by Maharudra Mangnale, … Continued