Conversion To Buddhism Has Brought Literacy, Gender Equality And Well-Being To Dalits

  There are more than 8.4 million Buddhists in India and 87% of them are converts from other religions, mostly Dalits who changed religion to escape Hindu caste oppression. The remaining 13% of Buddhists belong to traditional communities of the north-east and northern Himalayan regions.   Today, these converts to Buddhism–also called neo-Buddhists–enjoy better literacy … Continued

Dalits Are Still Converting To Buddhism, But At A Dwindling Rate

A Dalit or lower caste “untouchable” shouts anti-government slogans during a gathering of in New Delhi, November 4, 2001. Thousands of Dalits embraced Buddhism during the huge mass conversion ceremony in the heart of the city.   Around 180 Dalit families converted to Buddhism after caste violence in Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh (UP) in … Continued